Pin-Up Tuesday {Week 6}

It’s been a while since I posted a Pin-Up Tuesday, so I thought I’d write one today. =)

Today features Earl Moran, an artist who worked with several notable names including Betty Grable and Norma Jean Dougherty, who is better known as Marilyn Monroe. He also used Zoe Mozert (who was previously featured on the blog) as a model for some of his work.

Moran would often photograph his models and use the photographs to later paint the pin-up images he created.

For more information about Moran and to view a gallery of his work visit The Pin-Up Files.

Pin Up Tuesday {Week 5}

This week’s Pin Up Tuesday features the work of artist Zoe Mozert (1907-1993).

Zoe Mozert

She was one of the top three “girl’s club” pinup artists, which also included Joyce Ballentyne and Pearl Frush.

Mozert paid her way through the Philadelphia School of Industrial Art by modeling at the school.

Mozert was born Alice Adelaide Moser but changed her name in 1932 when she moved to New York. According to the artist is quoted, “I looked through a name dictionary for a new first name and when there were finally no pages left I settled on Zoe.”


Pin Up Tuesday {Week 4}

This week’s Pin Up Tuesday features artist Gil Elvgren.

Elvgren was born in 1914 and was an artist during pin up’s heyday (1930s-1950s is when pin up experienced the peak of it’s popularity). He is one of the better known pin up artists of his time, and his name is usually mentioned with George Petty, Alberto Vargas, Zoë Mozert, and Earl Moran.

Today’s image is entitled “Fresh Lobster,” and it is a great example of “cheesecake” pin up. What’s cheesecake, you say?

Cheesecake pin up features the innocent pin up girl. Her skirt goes up on accident and she has an adorable surprised expression on her face rather than an intentional sexy pose and expression.

Check back next week for another issue of Pin Up Tuesday!

♥ Frances

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